Celebrate Awesome

Find your creative freedom

A new platform where fans can show you financial appreciationand you can show you give back to them directly within the content you already share.

Why We're Different

  • Seamless

    Add a layer of features to your content to receive financial support and give rewards. Share and embed via social platforms and blogs you're already using—without disrupting your existing workflow or your audience's expectations.

  • Flexible

    Backers can give in the moment on a one-time or recurring basis. You can split proceeds with collaborators. You can rally your community around a campaign goal, or get support on an open-ended basis.

  • Authentic

    The platform is as dynamic and human as you and your audience. No uncomfortable sales pitch required. Your supporters will give and receive in the moment out of authentic appreciation—not obligation.

  • Insightful

    Gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of your most loyal fans as people—based on qualified, transparent support and exchanges.

How It Works

Configure a post

In less than a minute you add a layer of features to your content. Launch a campaign, make a call-to-action, offer rewards, and accept financial support.

How It Works

Share your gift

Your content is packaged with these extra features everywhere it lives. Embed and post as normal on social networks, blogs, and websites.

How It Works

See most meaningful fans

Gain insight into what resonates with your community. Learn how quick individuals are to show appreciation and how influential they are among friends.

How It Works

Reward and connect

Interact with fans showing real appreciation. Give recognition, rewards, or a personal thanks—in the moment. All this happens inside your content so everyone can see you're giving back.