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Here you’ll find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn’t addressed here, please contact us at hello@loveback.com.


What do I get when I back someone on Loveback?

At minimum, you receive the satisfaction of supporting a creator, influencer, content, or cause that you love, the knowledge that you are enabling the continued production of works you care deeply about, and a closer connection to the beneficiary than you would have via other social channels and appreciation mechanisms. You are publicly seen as a backer, and you may get a public "thank you", a message, a follow, or a reward from the creator or influencer.

Who can see the amount I’ve backed?

Loveback amounts are not publicly displayed. Dollar amounts are shared only with the creator, influencer, or beneficiary.

How are reward recipients chosen?

Prior to posting their content on Loveback, creator's decide whether all backers will receive an unlimited reward (such as digital content) or a specific number of backers receive a limited reward. Unlimited rewards are usually automatically delivered just after you loveback (ex. via download button, via email, etc.). Creators use our "FRM dashboard" to see their backers and distribute limited rewards (ex. tickets, physical goods, etc.). FRM allows creators to reward supporters based on a number of factors that extend far beyond dollars given. Creators have the opportunity to recognize followers or reward backers who are early with their support, influential among friends, are patrons, or based on comment and sharing activity.

How does the patron feature work?

Selecting the “Patron” option will initiate an automatic monthly payment (in the amount specified) to the creator/influencer on the date you loveback and each subsequent month until canceled. You will be able to comment on any of the creator's posts, receive all unlimited rewards for free, and receive all the additional Patron benefits specified by the creator/influencer.

I have a profile and would like to receive support, how do I get access to creator/influencer features?

We are currently in a private beta. Please submit a request on our home page at request an invite.

Is backing a charity tax deductible?

If the charity is 501c3 and tax exempt. Please consult your tax professional or accountant.

Creators & Influencers

How do you select for private beta?

Creator/influencer approval is given based on a combination of qualifications which include community type, creative goals, campaign concepts, and alignment in values/ethos with Loveback and your respective community.

What happens to the ownership of content when I post or receive backing on Loveback?

As a creator, you maintain 100% ownership of your original content.

How does $ "splitting" work?

The percentage shown on a post will be directly allocated to the cause or charity, minus any transaction fees that are incurred from the whole loveback amount.

I have a physical reward to share. Who is responsible for fulfillment to my backers?

Creators who offer limited rewards are responsible for the fulfillment of rewards. Creators who have disputes with backers who have been promised rewards but have not received them in a reasonable time frame risk having their Loveback account suspended or deactivated.

What are the fees for using Loveback?

Loveback fees are currently 10% plus standard bank processing fees. Loveback comes with a rich set of features to help you get more support than any other sustainable crowdfunding platform, including live embeds, in-the-moment rewards, analytics, splitting, authenticated downloads, and much more. We also offer marketing support for creators/influencers with innovative ideas and campaigns. Please contact us with any questions about features, pricing, campaigns, and options at hello@loveback.com.